The 2017 Friedman Dinner & Gala Awards Ceremony is the highlight of the Australian year!

With four and a half awards up for grabs, as well as a 3 course dinner and 4 hour drinks package, this will be a night to remember!

DRAFT Conference Schedule

Please note this schedule is in draft format and remains subject to change

Friday 28th of April
  Australia & New Zealand Students for Liberty Atlas Network Pacific Leadership & Management Workshop

Invitation Only.
Includes Breakfast.
(Lunch @ 12:30pm)

9:00am Introduction & Networking
9:30am DEBATE: Is nationalism good for liberty?
Ahmed Suliman
with Andie Moore & Lee Herridge vs Bianca Cobby & Tim Wilms
10:30am An introduction to Public Choice with Mike Munger
11:15am Career Panel: John Thrasher, Evan Mulholland, Eva Christensen
12:00pm Lunch
13:00pm Campaign Training: Matthew Sinclair
16:00pm Coalition Building: Grover Norquist
16:30pm Spreading Liberty with Austen Erickson, Andrew Cooper, Paul Blair and Judd Weiss
17:30pm Close
18:30pm Cocktail Party - Guest Speaker: Nick Gillespe, introduced by Tim Wilson.
Location: PYRMONT BRIDGE HOTEL 96 Union St, Pyrmont


Saturday 29th of April
8:00am Registration
9:00am Introduction and Welcome
9:10am Public Choice with Mike Munger
9:50am Brexit & EU politics with Matt Sinclair, Sam Bowman, Zoltan Kesz and Rory Broomfield
11:00am Unsustainable Government Spending with Cory Bernardi
11:30am Morning Tea
  Jones Room Broadway Room Thomas Room
11:50am Econ-101
Sinclair Davidson
Chris Berg
Avens O'Brien
Andie Moore
Sam Bowman
Identity Politics
Anthony Dillon
Daisy Cousins
Sherry Suffi
Tanveer Ahmed
13:00pm Lunch | VIP Lunch: Tim Wilson MP "Freedom; not populism"  
  Jones Room Broadway Room Thomas Room
14:00pm Homeschooling, Unschooling and Careers
Mark Hornshaw
Brad Matthews
Topher Field
Avens O'Brien
Policy Ideas
Jeff Bennett
Andrew Bushnell
Joseph Del Duca
Gabriel Axel
Harm Reduction
Ash Blackwell
Alex Wodak
Adam Miller
Colin Mendelson
Sponsored by Students for a Sustainable Drug Policy
15:10pm Compassion
John Humphreys
James Harrison
Gabe Buckley
Austen Erikson
Dragon's Den Competition
Jordan Williams
Ron Manners
Matthew Sinclair
Sponsored By the Atlas Network
The Right to Shoot
David Leyonhjelm
James Walsh
Graham Park
Sponsored by the Shooters Union of NSW
16:20pm Afternoon Tea
16:40pm Spreading The Ideas Of Liberty with Avens O'Brien and Naomi Brockwell
17:20pm Photos & Finish
17:30pm Pre-Dinner Drinks (V.I.P. by invitation only)
19:00pm Gala Dinner & Presentation of Liberty Awards. Keynote Speaker: Grover Norquist
11:00pm After Party: Keep the good times rolling with our fantastic after party, Saturday night at GT's Hotel 64 Devonshire Street, Beattie Ln, Surry Hills - Generous Bar Tab Provided! - LINK


Sunday 30th of April
9:00am Registration
9:30am Introduction
9:40am Free Speech with Nick Gillespie (mod), Lorraine Finlay, Calum Thwaites and Ezra Levant
10:50am Trump & US politics with Tom Switzer (mod), John Fund, Nick Gillespie and Judd Weiss
12:00am Break
  Broadway Room Thomas Room
12:20am Innovation
Jason Potts
Darcy Allen
Naomi Brockwell
Brendan Markey-Towler
Jenesa Jeram
Joe Kosterich
Gary Johns
Terry Barnes
Sponsored By MyChoice Australia
13:30pm Lunch | VIP Lunch: Courage in politics with Peter Phelps, Aaron Stonehouse and Malcolm Roberts
  Broadway Room Thomas Room
14:30pm Econ Reform
Simon Breheny
Darren Nelson
Andrew Reynolds
Alan Moran
Trends in Politics
Malcolm Roberts
Peter Phelps
Wolfgang Kasper
15:40pm Tax & Trade
Andrew Bragg
Ken Phillips
Rob Carling
Jordan Williams
James Fox Higgins
Sven Lowe
Danny Duchamp
Dylan Thomas
Independent Man
16:50pm Afternoon Tea
17:10pm The Outsiders with Mark Latham and Ross Cameron
17:50pm Closing Remarks
19:00pm Movie Screening: The Red Pill (venue TBA) (Scholarship, Standard & Premium Ticket Holders Only)
21:30pm End